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The Jesus of the Qur’an vs. the Jesus of the Bible

Sam Shamoun was born in Kuwait to an Iraqi Assyrian Christian Family. Sam moved to the United States with his family at an early age. His family belong to the “Church of the East,” also know as the Nestorian Church.Years later Shamoun’s faith often came under fire. His Christian beliefs were frequently challenged by those who maintained Islam as the “one true religion.” From these unsettling encounters, he began to dig deeply into the basics of the Christian faith he confessed but wanted to know more about. After a thorough and critical examination of the Scriptures, his ability to share the Gospel and his capacity to answer skeptics’ questions — specifically Muslim objections — increased dramatically.

Today, Sam often lectures and engages in debates as an informed apologist refuting accusations and attacks leveled by proponents of Islam against Christianity.

From Iron Sharpens Iron

Rob Bell’s popularity makes clear biblical response critical, evangelical panel says

A panel of Christian leaders said March 17 that Rob Bell’s popularity among evangelicals — particularly among younger ones — makes it critical for the church to respond with biblical clarity to his new book.

Bell, the panelists said, has redefined the Gospel and his beliefs clearly fall outside historical biblical orthodoxy. In “Love Wins,” Bell denies a literal hell and affirms a form of universalism.

"We wouldn’t be having this panel discussion if John Shelby Spong wrote another book," R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said. Spong, 79, is a former Episcopal bishop and a well-known liberal scholar who has denied virtually every major Christian doctrine.

"… Rob Bell is a different story. He has a tremendous influence, especially with younger evangelicals, and I think that’s why we have to talk about this. We’re very concerned about the loss of the Gospel."

Michael Foust, Baptist Press, March 18, 2011

At Apologetics Index we have a collection of research resources on Rob Bell and his theology.

"Unbelievable?: The Conference"

The UK’s “Premier Christian Radio” presents “Unbelievable?: The Conference" on Sat 14 May. Equipping you with honest answers to tough questions.

Could be a good conference.  But it should be noted that the radio station also broadcasts, “Life Study of the Bible with Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.”

That program is produced by Living Stream Ministries, the organization behind the so-called ‘Local Church' which theologically is a cult of Christianity

So buyer beware!

Walter Martin’s last TBN Appearance - Pt 1 of 5. 

The person who posted this to YouTube says, “Neither the host nor the guest were ever invited back and the program was not reaired the following Monday as it was scheduled.”

TBN stands for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which has also been nicknamed The Blasphemy Channel due to the plethora of aberrant and/or heretical teachings this allegedly Christian station broadcasts.

Walter Martin addressed some of these teachings.


Imagine a person who comes in here tonight and argues ‘no air exists’ but continues to breathe air while he argues. Now intellectually, atheists continue to breathe - they continue to use reason and draw scientific conclusions [which assumes an orderly universe], to make moral judgments [which assumes absolute values] - but the atheistic view of things would in theory make such ‘breathing’ impossible. They are breathing God’s air all the time they are arguing against him.
Greg L. Bahsen, Presuppositional Apologetics

Anniversary of Aum Shinrikyo cult’s sarin gas attack

In 1995, in Tokyo, 12 people were killed, more than 5,500 others sickened when packages containing the poisonous gas sarin were leaked on five separate subway trains by Aum Shinrikyo cult members, the Associated Press writes.

This destructive religious cult had a lengthy history of crimes, but was nevertheless defended by naive cult apologists more concerned about ‘religious freedom’ than about the victims of such cults.

Japanese police in December 2010 confirmed that a total of 6,583 people fell victim to the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system and seven other crimes committed by the Aum Shinrikyo cult.

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